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Monday, September 30, 2013

Special Offers and Special Rewards by M.L. Ryan Excerpt Tour and Giveaway

M.L. Ryan

Meet Hailey - possessed by an otherworldly being who was trapped in her Kindle.

Hailey Parrish was quick-witted, irreverent, and hadn’t had a date in three years. She only wanted an eBook reader because her collection of paperbacks threatened to take over her small living space. Little did she know that the "special offers" that prompted the purchase included much more than a reduced price in exchange for a few ads. The device came pre-loaded with the essence of Sebastian Kess, an erudite womanizer with magical abilities from a parallel dimension. When she inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined. And soon her predicament introduces her to yet another supernatural, the handsome could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams Alex Sunderland. Can Alex and Hailey find a way to return Sebastian to his own body, stay one step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is, and not lose their sense of humor?
Special Offers, the first book of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines paranormal romance, urban fantasy, a bit of science fiction and a healthy dose of quirky humor.


I landed sprawled on the floor on my back, Alex covering me with his body.  Normally, I have no problem having him on top of me, but in this situation, I just felt squished.  His face was mere inches from mine, and even in the dark I could tell he had morphed into Xyzok-mode.  He placed a finger to his lips to make certain I would stay quiet and rolled off me into a crouch.

“Stay here, and stay down,” he whispered with such intensity, there was no way I was moving even if I had been so inclined.  Which I wasn’t.  Slipping silently across the room, he grabbed his gun from a drawer in the small desk across from the sofa, popped the clip in place, and returned to where I was laying.  “Sit up, but keep your back to the wall.”  I complied, and when I was upright, he handed me the gun.  Still keeping his voice low, he said brusquely, “You know how to use this, right?” 

I nodded with as much moxie as I could muster, which probably wasn’t much, considering it felt like my heart was about to pound out of my chest.  Alex, being a well-trained Xyzok, was used to random shit like this happening.  He seemed alert and ready to spring into action.  I, on the other hand, was completely thrown off by this unexpected assault on my own turf.

“I’m going to check outside,” he continued. “If anyone comes in here while I’m gone, shoot.  Aim for the chest. It’s the biggest target.”  He started to slink away, but turned back and added, “But make sure it’s not me.”  He winked, and then moved stealthily to the still partially open sliding door to the patio.

He moved like a predator stalking its prey; completely focused on the task at hand.  Vigilant, nimble, deadly.  Beautiful and enthralling.  If I wasn’t so rattled, I probably would have been turned on.


M.L. Ryan is a profes­sional woman – not that she gave up her amateur status, but rather that she is over-educated with a job in which she spends a lot of time writing dry, science non-Fiction. In an effort to strength­en the less logi­cal side of her brain, she decided to write some of the many stories rolling around in her head.  She lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband, son, four cats, two dogs and an adopt­ed Desert

eBook Formats:  SPECIAL OFFERS
Trade Paperback: SPECIAL OFFERS


Twitter: @MLRyan1

M.L. will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  Leave  a comment to enter, follow the tour for more chances to win.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wolfgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton Blog Tour, Guest Post, and Giveaway

Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton

Guest Post on If you could live in any era what would it be and why? By Linda Bell Brighton

I’d live in the Greek Heroic Age, specifically the generation of the Argonauts. I’d arrange to be the Recorder of Deeds on Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. Long before the stupid Trojan War, Jason and a bunch of others sailed to retrieve something from under the ever-watching gaze of a dragon. Isn’t that the definition of Hero?
What would I say to the son of the King? “Hey, your uncle is very power-hungry, and he wishes to rule Thessaly.” Maybe not while I was on the boat. The uncle was spawned by the sea god Poseidon. Would I be able to do anything to save the King’s life and all his children?
I can only imagine sitting on the boat next to the already famous Hercules who had completed the twelve tasks given him by his archenemy Eurystheus. Yet what a sad man Hercules would have been with the goddess Hera driving him so mad that he slew his own children.
Perhaps I would see a happy Acastus after he helped slay the Calydonian Boar, one of the monsters of Greek mythology. Once the journey was over, Acastus wasn’t ever happy again. Hercules’ sorceress wife Medea bespelled his sisters to kill their father, the king of Iolcus. Acastus cut him into tiny pieces and boiled them. In his deepest grief after he buried his father, Acastus drove off with Jason and Medea and his sister and created funeral games in honor of his father. More was to befall the now-king.
And to have seen the Boreads do their thing! Being sons of the north wind, Calaïs and Zetes were each supernaturally gifted, but in different ways. They were able to fly as fast as the wind, one having wings on his feet, the other his back. To watch the aerial battle with the harpies, those ugly winged bird-women, but with lively hair! They could have killed the food-snatchers. But Iris, goddess of the rainbow, requested them to let the bird-omen live. Yes, let them live so these agents of punishment could abduct evil people and torture them on their way to Tartarus, the dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked.
And those are only three of the fifty or more heroes who traveled with Jason. What a cruise that would have been!

ABOUT Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton
Forced to attend Princess Maria regent's celebration at Wolgast Castle, 1560 Germany, Sidonia von Bork, fears her magical abilities will be discovered and she'll be burned alive as a witch. When she discovers she is actually a member of an ancient shape-shifting race and the prophesied Golden One, she must face her destiny: to save the multiverse from the daemons determined to destroy all humans, and stay alive in the process.

Linda Bell Brighton’s Bio:

Linda Bell Brighton fell in love with myths, magic, and monsters at an early age. On a thunder-storming day in the Keys, her father—in his bass reading voice—brought The Hound of the Baskerville to too-vivid-life. From that day forward, Greek and Roman myths merged with Wonder Woman and Super girl. After studying medieval and Renaissance literature in college, she now combines her loves by writing an alternate history of the Witch Burning Times that she calls magpunk: real history with myths, magic, monsters—and daemons, too.

Linda Bell Brighton’s website-
Linda Bell Brighton on Twitter:
Linda Bell Brighton’s Facebook Page:
Linda Bell Brighton’s video:
Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series Facebook Page:

Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series on Amazon:

Giveaway Info
Linda is giving away prizes, including an e-copy of her book at each blog stop on her tour AND three Grand Prize Giveaway of one Travel Mug, one T-Shirt and one Custom Jumbo Tote Bag with your choice of fan art, chosen from here: , shipped to anywhere in the world!

1)     To win a book: Leave a comment on this blog post on what is your favorite Greek Era to be entered to win a book. Be sure to leave your email address in the comments so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner. This giveaway ends seven days after the post goes live.

2)     To win the Travel Mug or the T-Shirt or the Custom Jumbo Tote Bag with Linda’s fan art of your choice, click the link to go to Linda’s website here and enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. The three lucky winners will be selected by October 7, 2013.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yours, For Now by Siren Allen Book Tour and Giveaway

Yours, For Now by Siren Allen

The question: "Would you like to try BDSM with me?"
Elizabeth Kemp never thought she'd ask friend and colleague, Preston Lancaster to be her submissive. Even more surprising, he agrees – on one condition: she has to return the favor. Her two weeks as his Domme ends with a dramatic climax she wasn't prepared for – she's hopelessly in love and terrified he'll break her heart.
Dr. Preston Lancaster has been in love with Elizabeth since the day they met. His two weeks with her are more than he ever imagined, but when the tables are turned, she refuses to make good on her promise to reciprocate. Preston isn't giving up without a fight, but he's not fighting for two weeks of dominance anymore. He's fighting for forever.
Can Preston convince Elizabeth that her heart is safe with him – or will two weeks be all he has?

You can add Yours, for Now to your to-read list on Goodreads:

You can find more about Yours, for Now on the Entranced site, you can also find the buy links here as soon as Yours, for Now is available:

Information about the book:
Title: Yours, For Now
Author: Siren Allen
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: 23 September 2013

Yours, for Now Soundtrack:!/playlist/Yours+For+Now/89344325


He took a step away from her and bumped into the chair he was just sitting in. He sank down onto the seat.  “You got five minutes to think of more rules. After that, you’re mine.”
Her toes curled. She was ready to be his, all night long and again in the morning.
“First things first. You can’t tell me I have five minutes because I get to be in charge for the first two weeks.”
“Shit,” Preston mumbled under his breath.
“Rule number…whatever number we’re on now, no cursing. You know I hate that.”
“Okay, I promise not to curse when we’re together.” He waved his hand trying to speed her up.
“Great, next rule is…” Elizabeth ran her hands through her hair and glanced around the room looking for inspiration. “The next rule is…” She stared at the salad and dressing on the table. They probably wouldn’t be eating that tonight. “I need to put this in the refrigerator.”
“Elizabeth Abigail Kemp.” Preston leaned his head back against the chair and closed his eyes. She could hear the frustration in his voice. Her gaze travelled down the length of his body and landed on the erection straining against his pants.
“Oh my,” she whispered before turning and grabbing the salad bowl and taking it to the refrigerator. She was unable to see Preston with the refrigerator open. Instead of closing it after she was done, she leaned in further, relishing the feel of the cold air on her heated skin.
“Elizabeth, if I’m not inside you within the next few seconds I’m going to explode.”
Her knees buckled. She gripped the refrigerator tighter for balance. She heard a chair scrape against the kitchen floor. A second later she felt his erection against her ass. She stood up straight and nearly came undone, her movement pushing her closer against his hardness.
“Your two weeks have just begun.” His breathing was irregular. “Where do you want me? The bedroom or the couch?” he asked.
She closed the door. Turning around, she pressed her back against the refrigerator. These two weeks were hers. She refused to let him dominate during her time no matter how delicious he looked standing in front of her. “Take your clothes off.” 

About the Author:
Hi, my name is Siren Allen. I’m a writer and lover of all things erotic and romantic. I reside in southern Mississippi where I write steamy romances that are guaranteed to make you blush. When I’m not listening to the characters in my head and jotting down their adventures, I am busy working as a Clinical Laboratory Technician.

I love to travel, preferably with my husband, so he can do all of the driving. I enjoy time with my family, who are just as silly as I am. I have no children…yet, wish me luck! My hobbies are reading, writing and shopping, though I hate trying on clothing. If I wasn’t a writer or a Laboratory Professional, I would probably be a Secret Agent. But that’s the beauty of being a writer; you can create your own world and be whoever you want to be. In my imaginary world, I am Queen and my siblings are my minions.

You can Find Siren Allen here:

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Yours, for Now. These are the prizes:
- 2 10$ amazon gift cards
- 2 e-copies of Yours, for Now by Siren Allen
- 1 e-copy of The Makeover, by Monica Garry-Allen
- 1 e-copy of Lovers Unchained by Siren Allen
- 1 piece of jewelry of your own choosing from Loyaltee Forever

Out of the Box Awakening by Jennifer Theriot

Out of the Box AwakeningOut of the Box Awakening by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Olivia has the marriage of her dreams, there are times it has been tough sure, but she loves her husband and her children are a blessing she will always cherish. When her husband is reassigned from Houston to Chicago, she leaves everything behind to be the supportive wife she always has been.

Her new life is met with a new friendship and a betrayal she never expected. Finding out her husband has left her, Olivia begins a journey met with support and a new life she never expected.

Excellent read, I laughed, cried, and kept turning the page as Olivia finds herself again. I thought her ex was a jerk of all jerks, but Ash her new friend is a dream come true. Warmth fills this book and I thought the characters in this story were all identifiable to someone you might know. Wonderful read.

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Spotlight Interview posted on Life Becomes Me with author Jennifer Theriot

Friday, September 27, 2013

Moon Song by Adriane Boyd Cover Reveal

Salem Keats has a plan. Finish her studies at Loyola as quickly as possible, prove to the Louisiana Child Custody Division that she has what it takes to care for her twin siblings Jasper and Margaret, and envelope herself in the strains of music that she creates with her violin. Then her lawyer delivers a 1, 2 punch by telling her that it would be best if she could show the judge that she is in a stable relationship.

Wyatt Crane has watched the girl who lives across the street for two years. When Salem gave him the cold-shoulder her first day in the neighborhood, he thought that would be enough to put him off her. Instead, when Salem shows up asking for his help it’s all he can do to remain aloof. One look into her tired eyes though, and he knows that this is the beginning of his end.

Brantley Howard spent a full year living under the same roof with Salem when they were teenagers. He knows her better than anyone else, and while Salem has placed him firmly within the friend zone, he longs to be all she will ever need. He’ll do whatever it takes.

When she’s forced to choose, what choice will Salem make?

Adriane Boyd on the internet:
Book Cover Design by Desiree DeOrto

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love Intensity by Cassandra Ulrich Book Tour and Giveaway

Love’s Intensity
by Cassandra Ulrich


Brad loves fast horses, cars, and bikes.  Life would be perfect if his stepmother could only mind her own business.  Instead, his father hired a longtime friend and her family to work in their home, turning his world into a feudal mess.

He wants to hate the new arrivals and it doesn’t help that Kressa, daughter of the newcomers, is the most gorgeous girl he’d ever laid eyes on.  With a scent that draws him to her, Kressa causes him more internal conflict than he ever dreamed possible.  He falls for her so deeply, he tells her a secret he’d never even told his best friends – that he’s training to be a ninja warrior.

Kressa adores her country and loves hanging out with her many cousins.  News of the move to Massachusetts comes as a shock to her.  She refuses to be happy in this new place working as a servant for a rich man and his mean son, who had the nerve to be cute.  And why does her skin tingle every time her hand brushes against his?

Despite her efforts, she finds herself desperately longing for a friendship with the one boy who scowls at her.  Matters are only made more complicated when his family and hers clash. When he goes on a dangerous mission, she wonders, will he return so she can tell him he’s won her heart or will their families manage to keep them apart?


Nina studied Julio while he watched Kressa during her riding lesson.  When Brad led Kressa into the forest, Julio turned to Nina and barked, “Where is he taking her?  I don’t like that boy.  He’s not trustworthy.  If he touches my girl...”

Nina interrupted, “He won’t touch her.  He has strict orders from his father.”

“Nina, he’s a young man with an active libido.  I don’t care what his orders are; he can’t be trusted to control what comes naturally.  Now, he’s alone with her and under the cover of those trees,” Julio fumed.

“Julio, Kressa is a smart girl.  She knows what we’ve taught her, what we expect.  Even if he tried something, she would push him away.”

“But only if she doesn’t want him, Nina.  He’s strong, good looking, and the only boy around to talk to.  I’m going over there.”

“Please wait a few minutes.  If they’re not back, then go, but please don’t hurt him.”

“You would elevate him over our daughter’s innocence?”

“No, Julio, of course not.  I just don’t want you to do something you can’t return from.  I love you.”

Julio shook his head and moved away from her.  He must hate me for bringing him here.  What can I do to change his mind?


Kressa is devastated that her family has to leave her home in Mexico to be employed as a family to an old friend of her mother's.  The difference in status is immediate an feeling out of place, Kressa hopes to befriend Brad the son of her mother's boss.

Brad was told to stay away from Kressa, but did she have to be so beautiful.  Deciding his best recourse to be abrupt and act like the privileged boy he is, h finds the guilt wearing on him and as he begins to right his wrong the connection between Kressa and Brad grows even more deeply.

Love's Intensity reminded me a bit of West Side Story with the difference in their station of life.  Filled with angst, nerves, and a few surprising elements to the story this was an excellent young adult read.  Told from Brad and Kressa's  perspective, I think Brad's maturity grew as the story developed.  Entertaining read.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Cassandra Ulrich was born on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, located east of Puerto Rico.  Living in the tropics fueled her imagination and day dreams.  For years, she wrote poetry and entered competitions.  However, only many years later did she discover joy in writing stories longer than a few pages.

She published her first young adult novel, A Beautiful Girl, in April 2011.  The inspirational novel has already touched many hearts ranging from teens to adults.

Her second novel, Love’s Intensity, is a teen paranormal romance, released on July 11, 2013.

Web site:



FaceBook Page:!/CassandraUlrichAuthor?bookmark_t=page

Amazon Author Profile:

Goodreads Author Profile:

Pinterest Page:

Purchase Love's Intensity:

Cassandra will be awarding a $10 Wild Child Publishing GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
 Leave a comment to enter, for more opportunities to win follow the tour.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias Multi Book Tour

Multi-book Tour De La Cruz Saga #1 by P.T. Macias

Book One: Hot & Spicy 

The hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz Familia (family) and their fortune is centered on the romantic relationships of explosively passionate kind.

Hot & Spicy, the bachelor battles the deadly Mexican cartel to protect his amor and family encountering romance, tantalizing ecstasy, and danger. 

Jose Enrique De La Cruz, CEO of the De La Cruz, Inc. needs a fiancée in time for the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. Jose Enrique is the eldest of the primos (cousins). He’s expected to introduce his fiancée to the familia at the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. The familia is clueless that he doesn’t have one. The familia is anxious to meet his fiancée, but he doesn’t have one. He doesn’t’ have time to commit to a chica, not until he meets Jessica Maria Cortez.

His hermana (sister) Patricia agrees to obtain a novia for him. Paty entices her amiga (friend) to pretend to be his loving fiancée.

Jessica Maria Cortez has always loved him and grasps this opportunity.

Jessica Maria Cortez agrees to be his fiancée for two reasons: one, she has always loved him and prays she can make him love her and two, this is a great opportunity to achieve her dream of working as an interior decorator design manager.

Jessica rocks his world and unchains his alma (soul). The hot pasion rages through his blood erupting into hot spicy amor.

In no time at all, Jose Enrique and Jessica find themselves budding up into a relationship with tantalizing ecstasy. With everything falling into place for the De La Cruz’s, it looks like the entire family is about to plunge into an ocean of nightmare and chaos before they can say “Cheers!” for the De La Cruz, Inc. 
The pasion, danger, and hot tantalizing ecstasy rocks Jose Enrique’s world. He’s thrust into war, danger, and suspense. The De La Cruz’s defy the deadly Mexican cartel dictates. 

Buy Links:    Amazon US      Amazon UK

Book Two: Hot & Forbidden

Hot & Forbidden is heartbreaking, tantalizing and exciting. Nicolas De La Cruz and Daniella De La Cruz fall in love. Their love rocks their world flinging them into pain, despair, and ecstasy.  

Nicolas is hot, sensitive, and captivating. Nick’s amor (love) for Daniella is intense and passionate. Daniella De La Cruz is hot, sexy and sweet. Nick and Daniella recognize that they are alma gemelas (soul mates).

Nicolas De La Cruz leaves the familia (family) to work in Washington. The close knit familia has no clue to the cause of the emotional rollercoaster that rocks Nicolas’ world. The familia is mystified and disturbed with his departure.

Daniella De La Cruz is expecting a bebe. She refuses to tell the familia who is the padre (father) of her bebe (baby). Daniella dreams of the day she’s reunited with her bebe’s father, her alma gemela.
Their love rocks their world. The forbidden is enticing and painful. Can they overcome the obstacles that threaten their amor? The familia’s secret is the key to unlock their amor and set it free.

Buy Links:    Amazon US      Amazon UK

Book Three: Hot & Enchanting

Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz is the sexy hot playboy attorney in the familia (family). He loves the chicas (girls) that chase him and has no desire to commit to one.

Ricky literally runs into Jacqueline Cortez. She’s a bella, shy, and quiet certified public accountant that works for the familia. Jacki turns his world upside down.

Jacqueline Cortez has been in love with Ricardo her entire life. She never dreamed that running into him would unleash the amor (love) that she locked up a long time ago. Will she be able to outrun Ricardo and avoid being his next conquest? How long can Jacki resist Ricky’s attention? Is she doomed to fall under his enchantment and into his waiting arms?

Why is she pushing me away? Do I repulse her? I have never had a chica react like this. What’s wrong, thinks Ricky.

Buy Links:    Amazon US      Amazon UK.

Book Four: Hot & Wild 

Hot & Wild the familia’s Navy SEAL Christian Arturo De La Cruz lives for excitement. He loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex. He enjoys the thrill of conquering the enemy when on a mission and the chicas when he’s on leave. Christian is a carefree bachelor relishing his life.

Monique Acosta is a young innocent bella chica. She captures the SEAL’s alma (soul) with her freshness and charm. She instantaneously turns Christian’s world upside down. She’s ignorant that her dream amor is a SEAL. Will Monique understand and accept his career.

Christians desperately searches the perfect moment to reveal that he’s a seal without losing her love. Suddenly an evil force enters his life and threatens his amor and familia? The Seal is hurled into dangerous warfare. He engages against the biggest menacing criminal ever. He fights against time and evil to save his amor (love) and familia.

Buy Links:    Amazon US      Amazon UK

About the Author:

My name is Patricia T. Macias. I was born in San Jose, California. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management Administration.

I currently live in Sacramento, California with my family. My family is my pride and joy. I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.

I always dreamed of writing and I’m extremely happy to be achieving my dream. All of my characters are my best friends. They are always talking and living in my mind and dreams.

Author Links:   Saga Site     Blog     Facebook     Twitter


P.T. Macias is giving away a signed copy of Hot & Spicy.
For a chance to win just fill out the rafflecopter below.
This is for US residents only!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Their Blue-Collar Girl by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Their Blue-Collar Girl (The American Soldier Collection #4)Their Blue-Collar Girl by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lori Ann Shay never imagined at sixteen that she would be on the run with her sister, protecting her sister and her newborn son. Her sister's abusive ex continues to try to find them, finally causing a terrifying night and Lori doing something she never wanted to do, playing a part in killing man.

After five long years Lori, with her sister and son in tow get to see her parents once again. Lori is so used to providing and taking care of her family that now that she has time to focus on herself, she finds it is not quite as simple when she is still suffering residual affects from her part in her sisters ex death. Lori has also caught the eye of Charlie, Dante, and Trevor Henley, not once in her life had she taken time to date, let alone allow herself to be attracted to a man.

Charlie, Dante, and Trevor are haunted from their time in the war. When Charlie meets Lori the fist time, although stunning he doesn't trust her. It doesn't take long for Charlie to realize he is completely wrong about the young beauty and when he realizes his brothers are interested as well, they come up with a plan to win her heart while healing their own.

I was a bit mixed on this one, a lot of internal dialogue and the three men were a bit more dominant then her other books. Overall good story, but not quite as good as the first in series.

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Some Like It Hot by Susan Andersen

Some Like It HotSome Like It Hot by Susan Andersen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Harper Summerville lives her life from one place to the next, she doesn’t set down roots no matter how tempting Razor Bay, Washington becomes. Max Bradshaw is the epitome of deputy sheriff, tall, silent, and broody he wants roots after his childhood. Max finds himself off kilter with Harper, the attraction is undeniable but he has a way of flubbing up when in Harper’s presence. As a friendship of sorts takes a romantic turn, Max finds himself wanting something more than a tumble with Harper, but Harper has not been quite forthcoming about her presence in Razor Bay.

Full review on CataRomance

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