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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SWAT Team Seven Goddess of the Circle by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

SWAT Team Seven Goddess of the Circle (The Men of Five-0, #5)SWAT Team Seven Goddess of the Circle by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Watching her family slaughtered before her eyes and than running to the only protection she has, left a thirst for revenge for Kamea Mahalan. Now ten years later she is closer to finding the man who killed her family, but fate is ready to intervene and Kamea who has been hiding under an alias is about to have her whole world turned upside down.

Mano, Gideon, Chordeo, Chance and Eric Dolberg lost their mate ten years ago, they thought they would live a life of empty existence never finding the one who would own them body and soul. Doing detail at another event, they are ready to go until they cast eyes on Kamea and know instantly she is their mate. However, vampire Julius has an interest in her as well. Kamea doesn't agree to be mated, but feeling the pull and the danger surrounding her she finds she has to lean on all of her men as she is the key to the future of all Weres.

Interesting, it was a bit slow in the beginning. I would have liked more of Julius he was a total bad boy and was left out quite a bit in the story, but the moments he was in were delicious. Overall it was an entertaining addition in the series and setup for more books to follow.

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