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Thursday, January 23, 2014

To Catch A Falling Star by L. Duarte Book Tour and Giveaway

Chasing Stars Summary:

As a pampered Los Angeles teen, Portia McGee once created a bucket list with her best friends Tarry and Niki. Though falling in love topped their list, it was the last thing she could ever imagine doing. Through the rejection of her parents, Portia learned early in life that love is elusive. 

Now a famous and frivolous A-list actress, Portia has a Hollywood pedigree sealed in gold by a celebrity actress mother and New York mogul father. When Portia’s latest role requires an elaborate temporary tattoo, she meets Will, a gifted tattoo artist with a tortured past. The attraction is electric and immediate, but Will refuses to take the encounter to the next level—a decision Portia associates with the ring he so clearly wears on his wedding finger. Those old, familiar feelings of rejection take hold, and Portia now realizes that she must face the past in order to forge a new future. As their deep bond ignites in Portia an unexpected spirituality, can she finally free herself to once again chase the stars of her early days? Both richly glamorous and rich in meaning, Chasing Stars is a sparkling celebration of how faith and love can conquer even the most challenging of circumstances to uplift the human soul. 

Chasing Stars is the debut work of romantic fiction by L. Duarte that charts the improbable, rousing romance between two star-crossed lovers, and the journey both must take to open their hearts to renewed hope and lasting love. At once soulful and playful, it’s certain to transport anyone who still, deep down, has faith in the abiding power of second chances. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Chasing Stars is intended for mature readers, containing sexual content and strong language.

To Catch a Falling Star Summary:

It’s been five years, but Melody still mourns the death of Tim, her soul mate and husband who never had a chance to hold their daughter. Mel and her daughter have the love and support of Mel’s brother Will and sister-in-law Portia, the famous Oscar-winning actress-turned-mother. Mel works three jobs and mothers Ella, but she spends her mornings facing the demons of her grief. Her faith and her father, the pastor, helps Mel grapple with her grief. 

Portia opens her home to her childhood friend Tarry Francis, a successful, womanizing rock star. He’s trying to beat his addictions. Again. He’s going through the motions, but needs his drugs and rowdy lifestyle to keep his childhood pain in check. Tarry’s privileged upbringing contrasted with his cruel parents, who starved him of affection. Who can fix that? 

Mel is forced to counsel Tarry, but he’s so damaged and unwilling to try that she’s not sure anyone can help fix him. She gives him a special coin. Could this open their hearts to each other and fuel their love? Is this a step forward that will free them to catch the falling stars? Or will Mel remain faithful to her first love? 

Rich in meaning, To Catch a Falling Star is about two lovers whose hearts struggle to open to find the magic of the journey of love. It’s a joyful and passionate story about overcoming challenges to lead us to love and the fulfillment of our dreams. 

To Catch a Falling Star is the stunning follow-up novel to L. Duarte’s debut Chasing Stars about Portia and Will’s romance. A spiritual and playful read, L. Duarte has provided readers the chance to believe in healing a broken heart.


Addict, lost, and circling the drain is a perfect way to describe Rock Star Tarry Francis.  His latest dance with death has left him in the care of rehab and now seeing a therapist.   With a chip on his shoulder he sees Melody again, they had met before at his best friend's wedding, this time though he would rather be anywhere else but spending time with her.

Melody is not  a therapist by trade but as a favor she agrees to see Tarry until her dad gets back and takes over his care.  She sees something in Tarry that reminds her of the husband she lost, but she has something to live for, her daughter.  Wanting to give Tarry a spark they become friends of sorts  after their sessions end.  Tarry realizes he does have something he wants to work towards, being the man that Melody would want in her life.

A wicked passionate story ensues.   This one had me in tears.  I was rooting for Tarry, he is not quite likable at first, big chip on his shoulder but you see him grow so much that you just want to hug him.  Melody is a rock, but she is dealing with moving on from her late husband even after five years.  There are hiccups along the way but it is so worth the ride until the very end.

Author Links:

Book 1 Amazon     |     Facebook     |     Goodreads 

About the Author:

I have found that there is only one thing better than reading, and that is writing. I am always torn between the
two. I am also frequently torn between chocolate and coffee. However, I emphatically do not like the month of February, lies, and flies. For me, bravery is defined by the courage to do what we fear the most. This conviction is reflected in my debut work of romantic fiction, Chasing Stars. I live in Connecticut with my husband and two children. Drop a few lines. I would love to hear from you.

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A Mate' Bite by Milly Taiden Book Tour and Giveaway

A Mate’s Bite Cover Reveal
Mission: Don’t fall in love

After an explosive night of passion during a scenting ceremony, Karla Alves is sure she was just a one night stand for the man she'd been crushing on for years. She teased him and pleased him, and Nate hasn't been around since. Her fear of becoming clingy kept her from risking her heart and asking for more than a few hours of skin sin.

Mission: Crack her walls

She. Is. His. Nathan Wolfe marked Karla. His mate. Deeply involved in pack politics, Nate has had to stay away. When his sister warns that Karla needs him more than he thinks, he'll discover a bundle of secrets only his wolf can sniff out. But getting the woman he cares about to let down her guard may prove to be his undoing.

Mission: Embrace the bite

With Karla's wayward sister wreaking havoc and friends needing more of his time than ever, Nate will have to rearrange his priorities if he ever hopes to earn Karla's trust. But will time with her be enough? Only true love and a wolf's promise can hold together a relationship created with a bite, a scenting, and a hope for tomorrow.

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She was lost in the pleasure. In the bliss of adrenaline that filled her veins and took over. His teeth scraped the back of her shoulder in a bite that only enhanced her orgasm. Kept her mindless. His thrusts stopped suddenly, his body tensed, and then he growled.
“Mine. Only mine.”
His orgasm shook him hard enough she felt it when he plastered his chest to her back. The bite turned painful enough to make her scream louder as he filled her with his seed. For long moments she continued to have aftershocks of mini orgasms. To her pleasure, he continued to jerk in her channel. Her pussy squeezed at his cock not willing to give up a single drop of his cum.
When they could finally move, he turned her over to lay on top of him on the grass.
“That was…”
“I know.” He sounded more than satisfied with himself. She couldn’t fault him. She had no words.
“You know,” she said in a barely audible whisper, “I would’ve never imagined you’d do something that—”
“Amazing?” He chuckled.
She lifted her head from his chest and frowned at him. “Full of yourself much?”
“I think you should get a tattoo with my name on it.” He grinned, eyes sparkling with mischief.
“You are drunk!” She accused, slapping his sweaty shoulder.
His laughter boomed with the rustle of the wind in the trees. His chest lifted her with each chuckle. “You should. You belong to me now.”
“Belong? Yeah.” She felt his forehead. “You’re either drunk or sick to be speaking that much nonsense.”
He had to be drunk. She’d been in love with him for years. And other than the kiss he’d given her during Ellie’s party, he’d never really done anything near like what he was doing now. A sound alerted her to turn toward the trees. The idea someone was near wasn’t one she liked. She hurried to dress before someone caught her naked.
“I’m going home, Spot.”
He helped her stand and cupped her face. “At least you’re not calling me Furball like Jordan does Aric. I’ll go see if there’s anyone in the area. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll take you home.”
She shook her head. “Not necessary. I’m…I need to think.”
“You’re not suddenly changing your mind about what happened here, are you?” He asked.

Author Bio
Hi! I'm Milly (AKA April Angel) I love to write sexy stories. They're usually either paranormal or contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between. My contemporaries are usually anything from soldiers to corporate romances.
I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our little dog "Needy Speedy". Don't ask.
When I'm not working some really long hours at the day job, or hanging out in the awful life-sucking invention known as Facebook, messaging my bestie in the UK or shopping with my sis Julie, then I can be found watching scary movies. Buuut when I'm not doing that, I'm usually writing because the voices won't shut up.
I am addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn't, right?) and Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
Come on over and visit me! I love to meet new readers!
Like my books? Want to stay on top of all things Milly? Sign up for my newsletter
There’s a monthly $50 GC Giveaway to all the emails signed up to get the latest news on my releases.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Beginnings by Mary Metcalfe Book Tour and Giveaway

Find New Beginnings at:



Workaholic real estate agent Carol Brock can't seem to find a good man. Her first husband cheated with a law clerk less than half his age. Then she found herself in a string of bad relationships with unscrupulous men, including a con man and art thief, who shredded her professional reputation and strained her relationship with her college-age children. Carol has sworn off men and is determined to reclaim her life and career on her terms. But, when Boston’s most eligible bachelor, restoration specialist Devin Elliott, puts in an offer on a charming Victorian, Carol admits she’s attracted. Devin’s offer unwittingly unleashes a psychopathic rage in an ex-girlfriend that spills into Carol’s life. As she and Devin try to stay one step ahead of violence, Carol must decide whether she's ready to risk her heart again.

Carol Brock's life has been filled with plenty of rocky roads,  she has become a strong woman with all those hits she has taken.  Seeing her mirror dangling and the truck that did it right there, she takes action.   Although she didn't expect the man driving the truck to be Devin Elliott, a restoration specialist.

Devin is attracted to the firecracker in front of him.  He is not put off when she turns him down though and when they meet again, he gets a second chance at trying to get to know Carol.  Of course neither expect Devin's ex to go off the deep end and threaten Carol.   Devin swoops in and together they devise a strategy to keep her and her family safe.   Even with all the drama surrounding them, they find that everything about being together feels right.

I loved the opening of this one.  Carol was going gonzo, it was a hoot and started the book with instant chemistry.  Excellent read, will definitely read more from this author.

Author Bio:

Mary Metcalfe is the author of three published novels –Winds of Change, New Beginnings, Road to Tomorrow – and currently at work on her fourth. She and her long-time husband live in the foothills of the Laurentians in Quebec,Canada with a small herd of cats and a Canadian Eskimo dog. Their daughter is a published literary non-fiction author.

Twitter: @MetcalfeMary

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*Anyone who leaves a comment on the tour page will be entered  to win a $20 Amazon gift card! Anyone who purchases their copy of New Beginnings before  January 31 and sends their receipt to Samantha (at) ChickLitPlus (dot) com will get 5 bonus entries!*

Left At the Altar Series by Jana Richards Book Tour

Her Best Man
Left at the Altar Series
Book One
Jana Richards

Genre: Humorous contemporary romance

Publisher: Uncial Press

ISBN: 978-1-60174-019-9

Number of pages: 166
Word Count: 55,000

Cover Artist: Judith B. Glad

Uncial Press     ARe    Amazon    BN

Kobo     Untreed Reads     Itunes

Sony     Chapters

Book Description:

Sarah Stevens experiences a bride's worst nightmare; being dumped at the altar. When she goes on the Caribbean cruise meant to be her honeymoon in order to lick her wounds, she discovers her ex-fiancé has sent his brother, Will Marshall, the former best man, on the cruise as well. Everyone on board thinks they're newlyweds, and Sarah is too embarrassed to set them straight. How is she supposed to share a tiny cabin with a man she barely knows? Even worse, how is she supposed to pretend that she and Will are on their honeymoon? Sarah discovers the best man for her really is the best man.

“You have a beautiful engagement ring,” Josie commented.
Sarah felt her positive resolve slip a little.  She stared at the ring, uncertain why she still wore it.  Did she miss Brad that much, or was it the idea of being married she missed?
“Thank you,” she said simply, hoping Josie would drop the subject.  Apparently, that was too much to hope for.
“Why is it you and Will don’t wear wedding bands?”
“Josie, that’s really none of our business,” Ted rebuked gently.  He took his bride’s hand and planted a tender kiss on each of her fingers.  “We talked about this, sweetie.  Boundaries, remember?”
Ted’s love for Josie shone in his eyes, despite her lack of tact.  He knew all her foibles, weaknesses and plain old stupidities and he still loved her.  Sarah wondered why someone couldn’t love her like that.  She stared at her engagement ring and thought of the day Brad had given it to her.  She’d been so happy and so hopeful of a wonderful future.  But now all her plans and dreams were gone, her hopes of having a family of her own dashed.  How could he have done that to her?
The sob seemed to come from the pit of her stomach, working its way up her body until it just burst uncontrollably out of her mouth.  She covered her mouth with her hand, shocked by the emotion as well as by the tears flooding out of her eyes.  To her surprise she found herself being drawn into Will’s embrace.  She sniffled against his shirt, embarrassing herself further by getting his shoulder wet.
“It’s okay, Sarah,” he whispered.  In a louder voice she heard him speak to the rest of the group who had stopped in mid-chew to stare at her.
“Sarah’s had a very difficult couple of weeks,” he began.  This was it, she thought.  This was where she got outed as a fake bride.  She sucked in a breath.  If he told the truth would he go to jail?  Would she?
“We don’t have any rings because a few days before the wedding the jewelry store where we purchased our rings burned to the ground.  Our rings were lost and Sarah was devastated.  As you can see, she’s still emotional about it.”
Sarah sniffed against Will’s shoulder.  What?
“Oh Sarah, how awful for you!” Josie said.
“But that’s not everything,” Will continued, his voice taking on a serious note.  Sarah stopped sniveling to listen to what he’d say next.  “The wedding dress she’d ordered was lost in transit.  She had to wear a dress off the rack.”
Josie took in a sharp breath.  “No!”
“But the last straw came when a pipe broke at the hall where our reception was going to be held and the place was flooded.  We had to cancel.”
Again, more ohhs and ahhs sounded around the table.  Where did he come up with these crazy stories?
 Beatrice chuckled. “I’ve heard some wedding disaster stories, but yours take the cake. Don’t worry, Sarah. Someday you’ll look back and laugh, I promise.”
Gladys raised her glass. “Here’s to Sarah
and Will. May their marriage be luckier than their wedding.”
“Hear, Hear.”
Everyone raised his or her glass in a toast. As Sarah wiped her eyes, Will made a toast of his own. “To Sarah. Nothing but blue skies from now on.” He took a drink from his glass, his blue eyes full of compassion, with a hint of humor twinkling under the surface.
Sarah picked up her wineglass. How had he done that? She knew Will’s stories were more about saving his butt than protecting her from humiliation, but still, she’d rather be thought of as the girl whose wedding blew up then the girl who got dumped at the altar. For that she was grateful.
And how had he made her feel so safe and comforted in his arms? She shivered a little, remembering the gentle touch of his hand sliding up and down her back. For that she was less grateful. She was confused enough already about her feelings.
Sarah reluctantly tipped her glass to Will. “To blue skies.”

Two simple words were all Sarah needed to hear to begin her new life with her future husband, she had no idea he would flea and run out of the chapel.  The pitying looks, family becoming too involved, Sarah Stevens decides to go on her honeymoon without the groom.  Will Marshall, the grooms brother, agrees to take his ticket to the honeymoon that won't happen.  Who knows maybe he will receive the inspiration he needs to write the novel he has been in limbo with.  He had not expected to Sarah, who he had only met once.  Neither planned to form a friendship of sorts and to be pushing each other's boundaries.  When friendship turns to something else though, Will knows he can't have Sarah, after all his brother wants her back.  The question is, does Sarah?
Sweet story,  the beginning grabs the readers attention and you are entertained until the very end.   I liked that it wasn't just instant rebound for Sarah, she and Will take time to cultivate a friendship. 

There Goes the Groom

Left at the Altar Series
Book Two
Jana Richards

Genre: Humorous romantic comedy

Publisher: Uncial Press

ISBN: 978-1-60174-159-2

Number of pages: 157
Word Count: 52,500

Cover Artist: Judith B. Glad

Uncial Press    ARe    Amazon   BN

Kobo     Untreed Reads     Itunes

Sony     Chapters

Book Description:

Eight years ago Tony left Olivia at the altar. He was sure she didn't really want to marry him. Now he's back, and they're forced to work together.

Coming home isn't easy for Tony, because his father wanted him to work at a trade instead of going off to college. Their relationship is still unsteady. Even before Tony's return, Olivia began questioning the depth of her love for her fiancé, a man she chose because he was safe and reliable. Yet the last thing she wants is a loveless, faithless marriage like the one her parents suffered through.

When Tony, who never stopped loving her, insists her fiancé is the wrong man for her, Olivia sets out to prove him wrong. But the sexual chemistry between them is still strong, and so are her feelings for him. Even so, how can she break her engagement, hurt her fiancé as she was once hurt? And how can she trust Tony not to abandon her as he did before?

If anyone does the jilting this time, she will.


She was going to faint. Or throw up. Or trip over her dress. Perhaps all three, possibly at the same time.
Olivia Taylor’s legs trembled as she walked up the aisle of the church on her father’s arm, a smile frozen on her face. Was she out of her mind?  She was barely twenty years old. What did she know about marriage?
Olivia amended that thought. In the past few weeks she’d learned more about marriage than she cared to know. She stole a glance at her father, so tall and distinguished, his smile confident and relaxed, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Olivia shuddered, her limbs shaking with anger. How could he act as if nothing had happened? How could he pretend nothing had changed?
Everything had changed.
Tony stood at the altar looking handsome in his rented tux. Her heart lightened. Her beautiful, wonderful fiancé. She loved Tony DiPietro with all her heart. He was smart, funny, kind, and his touch sent her hormones into overdrive. Tony was everything a potential husband should be.
But did she want to marry him?
Her bouquet quivered in her hand. Where had that thought come from?  Of course she wanted to marry Tony. She loved him and she knew he loved her.
But was love enough? 
She wanted to scream at the little voice in her head to shut up. She forced her smile to shine a little brighter.
Olivia and her father reached the front of the church and her father handed her over to Tony. Tony’s hands were cold and clammy, and she noticed a bead of sweat on his brow. He managed a smile for her and she beamed back at him. Her mother’s voice played in her brain. “Nobody needs to know your world is falling apart.” Olivia felt her smile dim a little.
The minister began the marriage liturgy in a loud, monotone voice, droning on about loving and obeying, forever and ever, Amen. Soon they came to the part where the vows were to be said. Tony and Liv faced each other while the minister recited the vows. Tony repeated the words after him.
“I, Anthony James DiPietro, take you, Olivia Jane Taylor, to be my lawful wedded wife, from this day forward, till death do us part.”
The impact of the words hit Olivia. They were promising to love each other for the rest of their lives. How could anyone make a promise like that? How could she possibly know at twenty how she would feel at forty?
She swallowed and closed her eyes for a moment, thrusting the thought from her mind. All she knew was that she loved Tony. They’d have to figure out this marriage thing as they went along.
Like her parents figured it out?
Something inside Olivia snapped, like an elastic band reaching its breaking point.
What if she and Tony didn’t make it?
The minister continued the liturgy. “Olivia, repeat after me, ‘I, Olivia Jane Taylor—”
“I can’t marry you.”

Olivia thought she had put her past behind her when Tony left her at the altar.  Eight years later he is back and they have to work together.  Tony still has feelings for Olivia, he believed he did the right thing.  Olivia is now engaged to someone else, but she can't stop herself from thinking about Tony.  Can there be such a thing as second chances or will Olivia get revenge?
If your a sucker for second chance stories, this one is for you.  I  thought the tone is perfect for the story, you can feel Olivia's animosity towards Tony and Tony's hesitation with Olivia.  Another wonderful read for Jana Richards. 

Always a Bridesmaid
Left at the Altar series
Book Three
Jana Richards

Genre: Humorous contemporary romance

Publisher: Uncial Press


Number of pages: 201
Word Count: 61,000

Cover Artist: Judith B. Glad

Unical Press    ARe    Amazon   BN

Kobo     Untreed Reads     Itunes

Sony     Chapters

Book Description:

Dani Dipietro has always considered herself an ugly duckling in a family of swans. She's the bridesmaid her friends count on, but never the woman any man wants for his bride. So she plays the funny girl and guards her emotions, and her secrets, closely.

When Zach Morrison was dumped at his wedding, Dani was there to help him through the humiliation. A year later they meet again and once more Zach needs her help. To fend off the unwanted attentions of his former fiancé, he asks Dani to pretend to be his girlfriend. They play their roles a little too well, and make believe turns into reality. But their relationship comes crashing down around them when Zach's trust issues cause him to accuse Dani of cheating. Telling the truth means Dani will betray a friend, something she will never do. But keeping her secrets means she may be destined to remain a bridesmaid forever.

Her heart cried for him. Zach was a good guy. He didn't deserve the humiliation Chantal had heaped on him. She wanted to tell him how badly she felt for him, wanted to let him know that she would gladly listen if he felt like talking. But their relationship had always been superficial, one that didn't include intimate heart to heart conversations. Offering sympathy would only embarrass him more.
So she'd do what she did best. She'd make him laugh.
"I realize you've had a bad day, but hey, look at me. I got squeezed into a dress that makes me look like an overstuffed Barbie doll. My shoes are killing me, and then to top it all off, the dress from Hell splits across my ass so the whole world can see my underwear."
One corner of Zach's mouth quirked in a brief grin. "Yeah, you've got it all over me. I've only been cheated on and humiliated on my wedding day. For the record, the whole world didn't see your underwear, just me."
She did her best to keep a straight face. "I happen to take my semi-nakedness seriously, even if there's only one person to witness it."
He chuckled, a deep rumbling sound that did funny things to her insides. But despite his laughter, his blue eyes were full of pain. Dani wished there was something more she could do for him.
"Thanks for the loan of the jacket," she said. "Can I hang on to it for a while?"
"Of course. Thank you for providing a diversion."
"Always glad to provide comic relief." She sneered at the neon pink satin spilling out from beneath the tuxedo jacket, while lifting the fabric and dropping it in disgust. "It wasn't a much of a stretch, seeing how I was already dressed like a pink clown."
Zach's lips twitched. "It's certainly an interesting color."
"Please. This pink is bright enough to be visible from space."
He laughed out loud, and she was struck by the warmth of his smile. Once upon a time, she'd had a secret little crush on him. He was way out her league and had been devoted to Chantal, but what red-blooded woman wouldn't lust after a man as handsome as Zach just a little bit, in the privacy of her bedroom?
"The best thing about this dress is that someone else paid for it." Dani was saving her money for something special and nothing was going to stand in her way. "Chantal said she wanted the bridesmaid dresses to make a statement. In my case, the statement was, 'Get a different dress.'"
Hearing his fiancée's name instantly wiped the smile from his face. "She shouldn't have made you wear a dress you felt so uncomfortable in. Don't be so hard on yourself, Daphne."
Her heart fell. "Actually, it's Daniella, Daniella DiPietro. Everyone calls me Dani." She knew this was probably the longest conversation they'd had in their acquaintance, but it still hurt that he didn't remember her name.
He closed his eyes and shook his head. "Of course I know your name. I don't know what's the matter with me. I'm sorry."
"Don't be. You've had a hell of a day. Not as bad as mine of course, but still lousy. It's not a big deal."
"It's a big deal to me. I'm really sorry."
Dani brushed aside his apology with a wave of her hand, trying not to let her disappointment show. She wasn't the kind of woman men remembered. Men remembered women like Chantal, beautiful, tall, slim blondes, with cute little turned up noses. Not short, dark, pudgy women with prominent Italian beaks.
"I should go. Your mother and Camp are waiting for me in the limo. Would you like a ride home with us?"
Zach shook his head. "Thanks, but I think I want to be alone for a while longer. Please tell my mom I'm fine."
"I will," she said. "Can I ask you to do one more favor for me? I promised your mother I'd bring her purse to her, and we both know what'll happen if try to crawl under there again." She pointed to the little beaded bag on the floor beneath the pew.
"Of course." He bent to retrieve it, giving her a close-up and personal view of his gorgeous, tight butt. She swallowed and looked away.
Zach straightened and handed her the bag. "There you go."
"Thank you. How do I get the jacket back to you?"
"Just drop it off at the rental place." He told her the address.
"Okay, I'll do that. Well, I have to go home now and burn this dress. Goodbye Zach."
"Goodbye, Daniella."
It surprised her that he called by her full given name. She blinked and looked into his face. The desolation she saw felt like a punch in the gut. He'd obviously loved Chantal and she'd hurt him deeply. Without thinking, she laid her hand on his arm.
"It's going to be all right."
He placed his hand over hers. Closing his eyes for a brief moment, he took a deep breath. I know. I just…"
Wanting nothing more than to comfort, she wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug. He held her tightly, pulling her against him and burying his face in her neck. Dani inhaled the intoxicating scent of spicy aftershave laced with underlying notes of warm, clean male. How could Chantal treat a wonderful man like Zach this way?
She gently pulled away, keeping him at arm's length. "You're going to get past this, Zach."
"It doesn't feel like it right now."
"I know, but someday, when you're old and grey, you'll be sitting on the front porch with your wonderful wife of fifty years, and you'll say 'Thank Heaven Chantal cheated on me or I never would have met you.'"
He made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sob. "Fifty years, eh?"
"Trust me."
Some lucky girl would snap Zach up in a minute, and if she was smart, she'd shower him with the love and consideration he deserved.
Some lucky girl, but not me.
Reluctantly, she took a step back. He squeezed her fingers before letting her go. With her heart pounding in her chest, and regret nipping at her heels, she hurried from the church.
Before she did something stupid, like kiss the jilted groom.

Daniella Dipietro could sing the words to Here comes the bride, she could whistle, hum, and mime it if she had too.  Dani has been a bridesmaid one to many times, so why had she agreed yet again to be one?  She would have to honestly say though this last one was a doozy, worthy of a soap opera.  Now she finds herself trying to cheer up jilted groom  Zach Morrison whose bride to be betrayed him.
One year later, Dani has done it again, she is in another wedding.  What she had not planned on is pretending to be Zach's girlfriend to keep his ex away.  Heck she had not seen him in a year, but Dani can't help getting a little giddy about being around him, after all he is a hunk. Pretending is fine until feelings begin to get involved and Zach's issues from his past are slowly creeping in.
Entertaining story.  I really liked Dani, she was so sweet and even though pretending to be Zach's girlfriend was out of her comfort zone, she embraced the challenge.   Great chemistry, a really fun weekend read.

About the Author :

When Jana Richards read her first romance novel, she immediately knew two things: she had to commit the stories running through her head to paper, and they had to end with a happily ever after. She also knew she’d found what she was meant to do. Since then she’s never met a romance genre she didn’t like. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historical romance set in World War Two, in lengths ranging from short story to full length novel. Just for fun, she throws in generous helpings of humor, and the occasional dash of the paranormal. Her paranormal romantic suspense “Seeing Things” was a 2008 EPPIE finalist.

In her life away from writing, Jana is an accountant/admin assistant, a mother to two grown daughters, and a wife to her husband Warren. She enjoys golf, yoga, movies, concerts, travel and reading, not necessarily in that order. She and her husband live in Winnipeg with their Pug/Terrier cross Lou and several unnamed goldfish. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at

Newsletter signup:

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