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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Alpha Takes A Mate by Sam Crescent

The Alpha Takes a Mate (Disaster of the Otherworld, #1)The Alpha Takes a Mate by Sam Crescent
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Brandon, the Alpha of the Northern Forest Pack knows his mate is out there, he smelled her once but she was too young for what was coming. It wasn't as if Brandon idly waited, he scratched his itch up until the day he fins her again and then in a quick statement he bites her in front of everyone.

Elle Smith moved to Grace Hill with her parents when she was sixteen. She knows better than to get involved with the wolves and has safely kept her distance, until Brandon bites her. He won't back down about taking her for a mate and sets about earning her trust. But Brandon has a big get together about to happen and Elle is human, she couldn't possibly act as his mate in front of the other creatures so he uses a stand in, his ex. Elle is trying to adapt to her role as mate, but when she finds out that Brandon doesn't think she is worthy enough to stand by his side she is devastated.

3.99, the only problem I really had was that Brandon was kind of a jerk for a little too long. He has this young woman who is completely innocent and he is crass and insistent. I didn't expect him to do a complete personality change but he could have eased her fears a bit. Otherwise good story, would definitely check out more in series.

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