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Dead Women Tell No Lies by Nora LeDuc Book Tour, Contest, and Review

Dead Women Tell No Lies
by Nora LeDuc


Two months after her disappearance, a young woman's body turns up on a New Hampshire riverbank hundreds of miles from home. Now the murder victim’s identical twin, Rose Blue, tries to use her flawed psychic connection to her sister to solve the tragic case.

Homicide Detective Luke Lennox is skeptical of her abilities and finds the mysterious newcomer a distraction. As the department’s latest hire, he has a lot to prove, and he’s learned from past experiences a personal involvement with Rose will only end in disaster. When a threatening message alerts Rose the murderer dreams of them together, Lennox must stay close to Miss Blue. With the clock ticking and a cunning killer always one step ahead, Luke reluctantly allows her close to him during his investigation. But can he protect her from the danger that lies ahead, or lose his heart and career in this deadly game of doubles?


Luke crouched beside the woman, who rested in a semi fetal position. She appeared small, about five-feet, and helpless. Her arms and legs were twisted and held prisoner in the wild rose’s thorns. A tattered white shirt lay open around her thin body, exposing bare breasts. A shredded bra was pushed up toward her throat. Her lower torso was nude, and she wore no shoes. Wet blonde hair hugged her cheeks. Tape wound around her mouth sealed in her secrets. Her open hazel eyes glistened lifelike, staring up at him. Death couldn’t hide the fact the woman had been attractive.

“Spooky, isn’t it?” Conroy grimaced. “Her eyes make her look alive. I almost expect her to try to speak.”

If only they’d found her before the scumbag left her like this. Luke swallowed the bitter taste and straightened. “Her sister mentioned a butterfly necklace when she filed the missing person’s report. Anyone locate it or come up with a reason for her to be in Ledgeview?”

“No jewelry found on the body or near the scene. No one’s discovered a reason for her move over the Vermont border where she ran a business and rented an apartment. It’s a strange one,” Conroy conceded.

“We’ll find out what happened to her.” No one deserved to die this way. Luke’s wall of self-preservation slammed shut, cutting him off from her pain. “I’ll contact the sister.”

What or who ended the young woman’s life with such brutality? He turned and headed up the bank to speak to Rose Blue in private.


Rose Blue knew the instant her twin sister Dahlia took her last breath, an unexplained link between them overpowered her with the knowledge she would never have another moment together again.  With Dahlia's disappearance, Rose has become anxious she wants answers, she follows the small clues her sister is translating to her to help find the murderer.

Detective Luke Lennox has seen it all in his career, but he can honestly say he is skeptical when it comes to Rose Blue.  He doesn't know if she is a suspect, a crazy person, or actually being truthful about a unique connection to her dead sister.  As the investigation into her sisters death gains traction, Rose finds herself a victim of an unknown admirer who does not have her best intentions in mind.  Luke finds himself in the unusual of wanting to protect Rose and that feeling is growing more personal as the time he is with her grows.

I thought initially I had this story figured out, wrong.  I was completely surprised at the end.  I thought the pacing was perfect in this story and it left little crumbs along the way keeping you both invested in the mystery and the romance.  Fantastic read.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nora LeDuc lives in New England with husband, two children, cat, Scaredy and dog, Winter. Dead Women Tell No Lies is her tenth published book. She loves to hear from her readers. Visit her website at

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on your site and for starting my day with a wonderful review.

  2. Urghhh...that excerpt is creepppyyyy..Sometimes you need a good creep-out though, so I'm excited to hear more!

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  3. This book sounds amazing! I agree with Andra - Creepy. But I LOVE Creepy. most definitely added to my TBR! thank you for the givevaway, great review and Yay for twin series! :)


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  4. Hi Audra, Happy to see you here today, Glad you're up for creepy.

  5. Hi Beth, Glad you like Creepy. We can have a creepy club. Thanks for stopping in.

  6. This is a great read. The characters are well developed and the plot is tight. Lots of twists and turns. LeDuc's best effort so far!

  7. Hi Alice, So nice to see you made it here. Thanks for your efforts and so happy you enjoyed the book! Take care.

  8. Very compelling excerpt, thank you.


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  13. The excerpt gave me the chills. I'd hate a job where I had to come across such horrible crimes.

    What a read this is going to be. I wonder if I can figure things out.


  14. Hello Nora...glad to "meet" you on this blog today! First of all, I like the combo of romance and mystery. I think I'd like Dead Women Tell No Lies. Second, I like the name of your cat...Scaredy. Ha! Congrats on your new release and continued success to you.

  15. Thanks for your excellent review. Makes me really want to read this book.

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