Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bunny and the Bear by Eve Langlais

Bunny and the Bear (Furry United Coalition, #1)Bunny and the Bear by Eve Langlais
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Bear shifter Chase likes his life the way it is, he eats, sleeps, occasionally has sex with another bear when needed, his life is organized and quiet. That is until he meets new neighbor bunny shifter Miranda, who is bubbly, hotter than heck, and off limits as long as Chase is concerned, he doesn't mix with other breeds. Chase is a rational man, so why is he thinking non stop about his sexy neighbor, stealing a kiss or two, and finding a reason to seek her out?

Miranda likes to think of Chase as her grumpy bear, he is adorable with his sexy set in his ways stance. He also is her next mission to keep him safe from someone who is abducting shifters and Chase is on the list. Miranda works for the Furry United Coalition, but no one would know looking at her curvaceous body and her perky personality that she really is a lethal weapon and every ounce of her being says to protect her bear, even if he tries to deny it.

Loved it, another wonderful treasure. Miranda is a hoot and although Chase is stodgy in the beginning but he quickly falls for Miranda and he explodes as a character, talk about yummy.

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  1. Good one too. Miranda and Chase, always had me laughing.