Saturday, November 10, 2012

Task Force One: Dani's Got A Gun by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Task Force One: Dani's Got a Gun (The Men of Five-0, #4)Task Force One: Dani's Got a Gun by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daniella "Dani" Lynch is used to doing things by herself, as a young homicide detective she has a knack for solving crimes. She is hot on the tail of a serial killer whose bloody aftermath of his victims has time ticking before he kills again, what she does not plan for though is to become the mouse in his game.

Task Force One has been brought in to handle the rogue wolf who is attacking innocent victims. Alpha's Van, Miele, Randolph, Bently, and Baher first task is to catch up to the detective handling the case, what they don't expect though is to find their mate. There is something unusual about her mate, not to mention a stubborn streak that needs to be tamed, but when Vampire Vanderlan shows up claiming she is his mate as well all hell breaks loose. A rogue wolf who wants her for himself, a vampire, and five alpha wolves as if Dani's normally quiet existence was not interesting before, it is about to become something different altogether.

I liked this one a lot, very different especially with the vamp/shifter mate twist. Dani is a firecracker and she has no problem standing up to the men who are wanting her submission. Love this author, always guaranteed good reading.

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