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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wolfgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton Blog Tour, Guest Post, and Giveaway

Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton

Guest Post on If you could live in any era what would it be and why? By Linda Bell Brighton

I’d live in the Greek Heroic Age, specifically the generation of the Argonauts. I’d arrange to be the Recorder of Deeds on Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. Long before the stupid Trojan War, Jason and a bunch of others sailed to retrieve something from under the ever-watching gaze of a dragon. Isn’t that the definition of Hero?
What would I say to the son of the King? “Hey, your uncle is very power-hungry, and he wishes to rule Thessaly.” Maybe not while I was on the boat. The uncle was spawned by the sea god Poseidon. Would I be able to do anything to save the King’s life and all his children?
I can only imagine sitting on the boat next to the already famous Hercules who had completed the twelve tasks given him by his archenemy Eurystheus. Yet what a sad man Hercules would have been with the goddess Hera driving him so mad that he slew his own children.
Perhaps I would see a happy Acastus after he helped slay the Calydonian Boar, one of the monsters of Greek mythology. Once the journey was over, Acastus wasn’t ever happy again. Hercules’ sorceress wife Medea bespelled his sisters to kill their father, the king of Iolcus. Acastus cut him into tiny pieces and boiled them. In his deepest grief after he buried his father, Acastus drove off with Jason and Medea and his sister and created funeral games in honor of his father. More was to befall the now-king.
And to have seen the Boreads do their thing! Being sons of the north wind, Calaïs and Zetes were each supernaturally gifted, but in different ways. They were able to fly as fast as the wind, one having wings on his feet, the other his back. To watch the aerial battle with the harpies, those ugly winged bird-women, but with lively hair! They could have killed the food-snatchers. But Iris, goddess of the rainbow, requested them to let the bird-omen live. Yes, let them live so these agents of punishment could abduct evil people and torture them on their way to Tartarus, the dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked.
And those are only three of the fifty or more heroes who traveled with Jason. What a cruise that would have been!

ABOUT Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The Sorceress Series by Linda Bell Brighton
Forced to attend Princess Maria regent's celebration at Wolgast Castle, 1560 Germany, Sidonia von Bork, fears her magical abilities will be discovered and she'll be burned alive as a witch. When she discovers she is actually a member of an ancient shape-shifting race and the prophesied Golden One, she must face her destiny: to save the multiverse from the daemons determined to destroy all humans, and stay alive in the process.

Linda Bell Brighton’s Bio:

Linda Bell Brighton fell in love with myths, magic, and monsters at an early age. On a thunder-storming day in the Keys, her father—in his bass reading voice—brought The Hound of the Baskerville to too-vivid-life. From that day forward, Greek and Roman myths merged with Wonder Woman and Super girl. After studying medieval and Renaissance literature in college, she now combines her loves by writing an alternate history of the Witch Burning Times that she calls magpunk: real history with myths, magic, monsters—and daemons, too.

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Giveaway Info
Linda is giving away prizes, including an e-copy of her book at each blog stop on her tour AND three Grand Prize Giveaway of one Travel Mug, one T-Shirt and one Custom Jumbo Tote Bag with your choice of fan art, chosen from here: , shipped to anywhere in the world!

1)     To win a book: Leave a comment on this blog post on what is your favorite Greek Era to be entered to win a book. Be sure to leave your email address in the comments so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner. This giveaway ends seven days after the post goes live.

2)     To win the Travel Mug or the T-Shirt or the Custom Jumbo Tote Bag with Linda’s fan art of your choice, click the link to go to Linda’s website here and enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. The three lucky winners will be selected by October 7, 2013.

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