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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Verdria's Heart by Robyn Reigns

Verdria's Heart (Lush Valley, Tennessee #1)Verdria's Heart by Robyn Reigns
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Verdria McKenna agreed to date her ex-boyfriend, she never realized it would lead to him becoming a stalker. As his stalker tendencies begin to amp up, Verdria decides it is time to get out of town. She wants him as far away from her business, friends, and any other attachments as he has proven he will do whatever he can to get to her, even if it means hurting those important to her.

Verdria visits her close friend, but she does not plan to find herself falling for twins Ryker and Owen Crawford. Ryker is used to getting his way and has a temper, he knows Verdria is special the moment he sets eyes on her. He knows her visit is short, but he thinks she is the missing link for him and his brother Owen. Owen is the patient and more tender hearted twin, but with Verdria he is finding a balance because Verdria manages to raise his protective side and he doesn't plan to let her go.

I have been waiting to find a new author for menage that grabs my attention. Is the book perfect, no, but it is entertaining all the same. Verdria has issues with her past that have her unwilling to hand over her trust to Ryker and Owen. Ryker and Owen plan to break down that wall but it is not instant and with the continued attacks from her ex, her safety comes first. Loved this one.

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