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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three Little Words by Susan Mallery

Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12)Three Little Words by Susan Mallery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At fourteen Isabel Carlisle believed she had met her one true love, Ford Hendrix. Even when her sister broke his heart and he fled and joined the military, it did not stop Isabel from writing him letters confessing her feelings. Years later Isabel is back in Fools Gold, California after a failed marriage to help with the wedding shop while her parents on vacation.

Ford can't believe what a beauty Isabel has become, now that he lives in the apartment over the house she is living in they seem to find an easy banter and Ford has no problem teasing her over the contents of the letters she had sent him. Ford needs Isabel's help though, his mother's relentless matchmaking has him running from his mama, but if Isabel will pretend to be his girlfriend than he can go back to living life comfortably. Of course a few kisses and the challenge of proving to Isabel that sex is not boring, Ford finds himself thoroughly enjoying his pretend relationship. When Isabel realizes her heart has become involved though she knows she could lose Ford for good, for Ford is not a long term commitment type of guy.

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