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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Minion by Lewis Dix Spotlight

I, Minion is the tale of a skeletal warrior with no name and no future, raised from the dead to serve only one purpose - to fight and die on the front lines of battle. This is all he has known for centuries, but all that's about to change. For he will come face-to-face with the Dark Lord's greatest enemy, a young witch by the name of Kora. As the leader of the rebellion, she is the very person he has been sent to kill. And yet, she will awaken feelings in him long dead, setting him on a path that threatens to change the course of the Empire forever.


Told from  the warrior’s prospective, his only task is to destroy and kill each battle the Dark Lord sets forth.  Particularly the death of Kora, a witch who could change things for the warrior whose life has been mundane as a servant to the Dark Lord. 

Fascinating story, quite different from what I normally read.  I thought it was written with wonderful visual descriptions.   I would definitely read more from this series.
Lewis Dix has spent the last nine years as a member of the fun police. Eventually, he got tired of melting eyeballs with lasers and decided to give writing a go. When he’s not busy corrupting his two young sons or making his wife question why she married him in the first place, he can be found playing XBOX...err, working on The Minion Chronicles. You can see what he’s up to over at, chat with him on Twitter @thelewisdix, or stalk him on Facebook at
And come June 30th, be on the lookout for Volume II – I, Dark Lord.


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