Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Greek's Forced Bride by Michelle Reid

The Greek's Forced Bride (Modern Romance)The Greek's Forced Bride by Michelle Reid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prim and proper Natasha is engaged to suave and sophisticated Rico, she never really wrapped her head around the why only the feeling of being wanted. That quickly evaporates when she catches Rico with her sister who has always been the one to get attention, devotion, and the love of her parents.

Rico's brother Leo has been jealous, he wants Natasha for himself. When Natasha breaks her engagement, he wants to carry her away and treasure her in ways she would never imagine possible. Leo's stance on Natasha is abruptly halted when he believes her to be in cahoots with his traitorous brother, trying to steal his money. He has six weeks with Natasha before the treachery is to take place and although he no longer trusts her, he plans to use the time wisely with her in his bed. Although when Leo realizes she was a virgin, he marries her out of duty, but the two seem to be more than willing to throw barbs at one another rather than figure out what is in their heart.

Although I enjoyed this one, there were times when you wanted to smack them both. Leo put so much weight on Natasha being the one person who has integrity, he becomes bitter without getting all the facts correct. Natasha is hurt, not just by Leo but her ridiculous family as well and I think she is just lost, not knowing what to do. Would read more from Michelle Reid for sure, but a few moments were a bit over the top.

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