Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rocky Mountain Rebel by Vivian Arend

Rocky Mountain Rebel (Six Pack Ranch, #5)Rocky Mountain Rebel by Vivian Arend
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Vicki Hansol has lived her life in the shadow of her families tainted reputation, although the rumors surrounding her are untrue, no one has ever taken the time to find out. When a job opportunity lands in her lap, it is just what she is looking for except one thing, she will be around horses which one bad experience with has left her frozen in fear when they are around. Seeking the help of the only person who seems genuinely nice to her, Joel Coleman, she sparks a deal he trains her to get near a horse and she in return becomes his girlfriend for the next several months.

Joel wants to break away from his reputation of being a player with his twin brother, he sees Vicki’s proposal as the perfect opportunity, but Vicki wants more in the relationship if they are going to pretend why not make it real for those months. Joel has no issue with that, but he plans to set the pace and hopefully change the towns mind about Vicki who he knows is nothing like the reputation she shoulders.

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