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Making Sense by Serenity Woods Blog Tour & Giveaway

Making Sense

Author:           Serenity Woods
ISBN-13:         9781619211223
ASIN:              B008TR5CUO

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One night can loosen the grip of the past. Only love can break it completely.
Sensual Healing, Book 2

Freya Fletcher longs to travel and use her nursing skills abroad. But while her father keeps gambling away her meager savings, she’s anchored to her hospital job and family responsibilities.

When friends ask her to a bar one evening to support a local band, Freya goes along reluctantly. But she’s glad she took the night off when gorgeous Nate Taylor turns out to be the lead guitarist and singer. Too bad there’s no room in her complicated life for anything resembling love.

Following a car accident at age fourteen, Nate awoke with an ability to heal. Now, hounded by the family that used him, haunted by the memory of a boy he couldn’t save, he is a man on the run. Although the promise of peace glows brightly in Freya’s beautiful eyes, his past, weighing heavily on his soul, won’t let him reach for it.

Luckily, the delectable Freya doesn’t want a relationship either. They come together for one night, just casual, no strings. But one night quickly turns into several. Before long they’ve fallen in love, but until they can find a way to break free of their pasts, a happy future will remain only a distant dream.

Warning: An unashamedly romantic and sexy story guaranteed to make you laugh and cry. Please do not read unless you like brooding heroes, fun and feisty heroines, and a touch of the Twilight Zone.

Author Bio:

Serenity Woods lives in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand with her wonderful husband and gorgeous teenage son. She writes fun, flirty, and sexy romances in a variety of romantic sub-genres. She’s won several writing competitions and is a member of the Romance Writers of New Zealand. She would much rather immerse herself in reading or writing romance than do the dusting and ironing, which is why it’s not a great idea to pop round if you have any allergies.


Twitter: @Serenity_Woods

Author Guest Spot:

Thanks for having me on your blog today!

Making Sense is the second in my Sensual Healing series from Samhain Publishing. These stories feature heroes with unusual talents—in the first, An Uncommon Sense, the hero is a medium, and in this book Nate is a healer. But what if you don’t believe in that sort of thing, can you still enjoy the stories? Of course! The books are first and foremost contemporary romances, but just contain an added supernatural twist if the fun and humor, emotional rollercoaster and sizzling sex isn’t enough for you ;-)

I love anything to do with the possibility of an “otherworld”, from ghosts and psychics to vampires and werewolves to witches and wizards. I wanted to write a series, though, that wasn’t “paranormal” as such, and was rooted firmly in our world. My heroines are fascinated by these strong, alpha men who, when finding themselves gifted with unusual talents, have to come to terms with them and end up using them to help others.

There’s a dark streak to these stories as the heroes learn to cope with their abilities, but the books are full of fun and laughter too, as well as lots of sizzling sex! Making Sense is a ‘one-night stand turns to more’ story, and follows the journey of Nate and Freya as they come together for comfort one dark and stormy night, only to find they are repeatedly drawn to each other, even though neither really wants to get involved.

Here’s a snippet of the moment they first open up and tell each other about their problems.

Freya looked at the wine glass in her hand, turning it around to let the sun catch the white liquid, and for a moment he thought she wasn’t going to answer him. Eventually, though, she said, “My dad’s a gambler.”
He studied her, surprised she’d opened up to him. “Ah.”
“Yeah. Always has been. I’m trying to save up to travel, go to Africa and Asia, maybe work there as a nurse, you know? But every time I get some money saved, he goes and spends it.”
Nate relaxed his gaze, seeing the aura around her head and shoulders swirl briefly with dark, angry red. “Is that what happened when you got the text that night?”
She nodded. “He’d spent the rent. Mum was asking me for a loan.” She snorted and took a large swallow of the wine. “Like they ever pay it back.”
Nate stroked her legs, his hands growing warm at his wish to soothe her. “I’m sorry.”
She shrugged. “One of those things. I feel resentful sometimes because I tried so hard to make it work, to go to university, to get myself a good job, but all I ended up with was a shedload of student loans and a pathetic savings fund that my father thinks he can dip into whenever he feels like it.”
“Does he assume you’ll bail him out?”
She sighed. “No, not really. He always tells Mum not to tell me when he’s lost at the races. But he must know she’s going to. She can’t just magic the rent up out of nowhere. He can’t help it—I know that. It’s an addiction, like being an alcoholic. He’s not doing it on purpose to spite me. But I get frustrated because he doesn’t want to find help for it. He likes the high he gets when he wins. Same as any other addiction, I suppose. You’ve got to want to stop.”
He nodded, taking a mouthful of the Pinot Noir in his glass, enjoying the rich taste of the red. Freya watched him drink, and when he put the glass down, he smiled at her, still finding her mismatched eyes unsettling. “What?”
“Are you going to tell me about it?” she asked gently.
“Tell you what?” But he knew what she was asking. His hand stilled on her legs, and he waited for the usual wave of panic to rise at the thought of someone finding out about him, finding out what he did. But Freya’s gentle gaze warmed him like the sun, and for maybe the first time since he’d unburdened himself to Ash, he felt nothing but pleasure that she was interested in him and wanted to know more.
“I won’t badger you, Nate,” she said. “But if you want to tell me, I’ll listen.”
He looked up at the stage, where the current band played bluegrass music that fitted the heat and the occasion perfectly. He glanced along the table, but nobody was paying them any attention. Grace and Ash were dancing, Mia and Ross were deep in discussion about something and everyone else was too involved with their own conversations to be interested in what he had to say.
He looked back at Freya, who watched him, seemingly happy to wait for him to speak. He should change the subject, keep himself to himself. But the alcohol had relaxed him, lowered his defences—not that he had many against this girl anyway. He sighed. “When I was fourteen, I had an accident. A car crash.” He sipped his wine again. “And I died.”


4 stars

Nate Taylor has built a solid wall around himself, a gift or  a curse to heal has left him unable to trust or commit to anyone.  Enter Freya Fletcher into his life, she is not looking for a relationship nor is she the type to just jump into bed with someone, but something about Nate has her wanting to throw caution to the wind.  What starts as two people needing one another after a rough night,  ends up with both of them wondering if it’s possible to depend on someone else as you anchor.

I thought this was a beautiful story, both Nate and Freya are wounded souls who are trying to break free but are at a bit of a stalemate.  I thought Freya’s background was fascinating and you see her as a confident woman, except when it comes to her family.  Nate is a swoon worthy hero, he has faults but even so there is just something endearing about him.  Excellent read.

Serenity will give one of her back list for each tour stop. She will also be doing a Grand Prize, $20 Amazon or B&N gift card, at the end of the tour, winner will be selected from all of the commenters throughout the tour.
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