Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chemical Reaction by Christina Thompson

Chemical ReactionChemical Reaction by Christina Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You met FBI Agent Joe Roberts and his fiancee Dr. Madeline Pierce in Chemical Attraction, this is the follow up story.

Even though they only met two weeks ago, Madeline and Joe are getting married. Madeline is exhausting all her energy trying to find an antidote to the nano drug, while Joe is hunting down the drug before it becomes a weapon. Not everyone is thrilled with the new coupling and as Madeline and Joe have to separate to different locations while doing their jobs, they find innovative ways to stay in touch. When Madeline is abducted though, Joe won't stop until he has her safely back in his arms.

Another fascinating story by Christina Thompson. Joe is tough and temperamental, while Madeline likes to stir the pot with Joe. The thing I like about this series is that is cat and mouse with the enemy but there is a definite sizzle factor that constantly hums through the story. If you like suspense with a romantic twist, perfect book to pick up.

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