Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shades of Red and Blue by Nicholas Lloyd Review Tour

Shades of Red and Blue
by Nicholas Lloyd



Amaya is a deeply introverted girl who just can’t manage to interact with people well. Life is hard enough moving to a new school during her last year of high school, but things get even worse when the dark and mysterious Tobias takes an interest in her. There’s a rumor that Tobias was the culprit behind a string of disappearances the year before, which brands him as a dangerous outcast in the town. Almost everyone is afraid to go near him, but Amaya is strangely drawn to him.

As dangerous events unfold, Amaya learns that Tobias is a creature called a Voravi: a powerful being that feeds on human flesh to survive. Amaya quickly gets sucked into a dark, new world. Tobias separates Amaya from her family and friends, claiming that it’s the only way to keep her safe. Is Tobias truly trying to protect her, or does he have more malicious intentions?

"Amaya," Tobias said with a soft expression, "do you remember when I told you that I wouldn't hurt you?"

I nodded.

"What I need to show you will change your life, but I need you to believe me when I say that it's necessary for your safety." He stood beside the door, waiting patiently for me to make a move.

I couldn't see anything inside the next room. It was just a black void.

Despite all reasoning and common sense, I summoned my courage and walked into the darkness.

Tobias followed after me, pulling the door shut behind him with a loud metallic bang.

Darkness enveloped me. My eyes were useless, but I managed to take a few tentative steps forward.

"I'm sure you've been curious about me," Tobias said, his voice slicing through the dark like a dagger. "You must have realized that I'm not like normal people."

"I suppose…" I said, my heart rate steadily rising. I held my arms close to me, as if to protect me from an unseen force.

"Try not to be afraid," Tobias said quietly, practically a whisper.


Amaya moves to Gavena, Montana as yet another round as new student who has yet been able to break the mold of socially awkward.  Within days Amaya finds herself helped out by one of the most unusual boys she has met, Tobias.  One second he is helping her the next he is angry and telling her to stay away.  It doesn't help his case that Tobias is linked to the disappearances of several girls in Gavena

Hot or cold it doesn't matter, Tobias finds himself continuing to cross paths with Amaya. When he decides to help her he doesn't exactly plan the events that will change Amaya's life forever.

I was completely entranced.  Very different story but I thought it was uniquely fresh.  There is something unusual about Tobias and although he sets of internal warning flags for Amaya, she can't stay away.  Wonderful paranormal story.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Hello, my name is Nicholas Lloyd. I was born and raised in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Throughout my childhood, stories captivating me in books, history, movies, and amusing anecdotes. When I was twelve, I discovered a passion for creating stories. My first story centered around the silly adventures of a young boy named Billy. He ran a detective agency, but rarely closed a case due to his short attention span.
I did well in school, particularly in math and science, but that wasn’t the path I wanted to go. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to become a writer when I grew up. Everyone has a story or series that takes them to an exciting new world and changes their life, like Harry Potter or Animorphs. My dream is to write a book or series that will influence people’s daily lives. Whether we read to escape reality or seek to understand it, people will turn to stories. As a writer and an artist, I want to be the one that people trust to accomplish this task.
So far, I’ve written in the genres of fiction, romance, young adult, horror, comedy, fantasy, and paranormal. I prefer to stay within the fictional realm, but I don’t have a specific genre that I’m dedicated to as of right now. The fictional world has been my passion, since I can explore the “what if” questions that wander through my mind.
Currently, I’m attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, working on a degree in creative writing. From there, I’m hoping to attend graduate school and write some truly inspiring stories.



  1. Thank you for hosting my book!

    Readers are free to comment and ask questions anytime. I have class during the day, but I'll try to respond to everyone if possible.

    Now for something fun. I'll propose a hypothetical scene in a story and you guys put your own twist on it.

    Here we go: A man walks outside to get the morning newspaper and notices a large, mysterious box on his doorstep. The box is unmarked with no return address. The man opens the box and finds something that will make him considerably late for work that morning. What is in the box?

    I'll answer as an example: The man opens the box and finds over a dozen portraits of himself. One portrait features him brushing his teeth, while another is of him eating cereal in front of the TV. The man flips through these images, his hand quivering at the thought of being watched at that very moment.