Sunday, September 22, 2013

Breathless Temptation by Morgan Fox

Breathless Temptation (Texas Stallions #2)Breathless Temptation by Morgan Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After another attempt by her step-brother to get Delilah Devero into his arms, she ran. Awakening in a hospital in Temptation, Texas though was not part of her plan. Sheriff Clay Garrett thinks the woman he helped rescue in the car accident is stunning, despite her bruises he feels torn up by the fact that he wants more from her than an interview. What he does get is a stunning woman who feels at ease in his company, that is until he realizes he has competition with rancher Hunter Boyd.

Hunter was the first one on the scene when Delilah crashed and since that moment he realized she was meant to be his. Now realizing she has feelings for Clay as well as him, he quickly comes up with a plan, join forces. Easier said than done though when Delilah's step-brother makes another attempt to kidnap her, both men are quickly at her side proving that they will do whatever they can to protect her.

Overall was a fun read, moved a bit fast and I think missed a few points that could have been explained better. Hunter was the charmer while Clay was the more serious of the two, I liked that they were not always on the same page though, made the story more interesting.

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