Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Do-Over by M.K.Schiller

The Do-OverThe Do-Over by M.K. Schiller
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When his close friend Brad, asks Kyle Manchester to take his girlfriend’s sister on a blind date, he doesn’t want to do it. He can easily garner from the conversation that she is not his type of woman and if Brad is asking for the favor, something has to be seriously wrong with her, after all she is described as nice and sweet. However, being the player he is he can fit her in before he finds another beauty to take home for the night. After all, Kyle doesn’t do commitment and her certainly knows his blind date will go nowhere.

What Kyle doesn’t expect is the mousy, overdressed, and incredibly blunt Lanie Carmichael. She is quick witted, a sports fan, and has completely thrown Kyle off his game. Like any good horror movie Kyle can’t seem to turn away from the preposterous proposition Lanie is making. Lanie will give him the story of a lifetime that will catapult his journalistic career to a Pulitzer prize, if he helps her with tidbits on Brad. Every ounce the lawyer, Lanie thinks she is in love with Brad and they would be a good fit. Even though Brad is dating her sister, she knows it is only a matter of time before he is dumped for a better model and then if the spark is there she will act on it, but she wants to be prepared. What happens next is a delightful story about an ugly duckling turning into a swan, but Kyle is the unlikely prince who doesn’t want to feel the way he does about his newest best friend and lover.

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